Debug.Log Extensions
Documentation (1.1.9)

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static void Debug.Log ( int  channel1,
int  channel2,
[CanBeNull] string  message,
Object  context = null 

Logs a message to the Console on the given channels.

Channels can be used to selectively suppress messages you don't care about at the moment.

void LogSfxEvent(string message)
Debug.Log(Channel.Audio, Channel.Sfx, message, this);
Defines a channel for a message logged to the Console.
Definition: Channel.cs:12
static void Log([CanBeNull]object message)
Logs a message to the Console.
Definition: Debug.cs:168
Extended version of the built-in Debug class with additional methods to ease debugging while developi...
Definition: Debug.cs:34
channel1First channel to which the message belongs.
channel2Second channel to which the message belongs.
messageMessage to display.
contextObject to which the message applies.

If you pass a context argument that Object will be momentarily highlighted in the Hierarchy window when you click the log message in the Console.