Debug.Log Extensions
Documentation (1.1.9)

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static void Debug.LogFormat< LogOption > ( LogType  logType,
LogOption  logOptions,
Object  context,
string  format,
params object[]  args 

Logs a message to the Console formed by inserting the values of args zero or more objects into a format text string.

logTypeType of the message; Log, Warning, Error, Assert or Exception.
logOptionsOption flags for specifying special treatment of a log message.
contextObject to which the message applies.

If you pass a context argument that Object will be momentarily highlighted in the Hierarchy window when you click the log message in the Console.

formatA composite format string based on which the message is generated.

Each format item inside the string is replaced by the value of the argument at the same index.

A format item consists of braces ("{" and "}") containing the index of the argument whose value should be inserted into the format string at that location.

argsZero or more objects to be converted to string and inserted into the format composite format string.
Type Constraints
LogOption :struct 
LogOption :IConvertible