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Sisus.Init.EditorCoroutine Class Reference


Represents a coroutine that has been started running in the editor.

Also offers static methods for starting and stopping coroutines.

Inherits YieldInstruction.

Public Member Functions

void FastForwardToEnd ()
 Continuously advances the coroutine to the next phase until it has reached the end. More...

Static Public Member Functions

static EditorCoroutine Start (IEnumerator coroutine)
 Starts the provided coroutine . More...
static void Stop (EditorCoroutine coroutine)
 Stops the coroutine that is running in edit mode. More...
static void Stop (IEnumerator coroutine)
 Stops the coroutine that is running. More...
static void StopAll ()
 Stops all coroutines that have been started using Start that are currently still running. More...
static void FastForwardAll ()
 Continuously advances all currently running coroutines to their next phases until all of them have reached the end. More...
static bool MoveAllNext (bool skipWaits=false)
 Advances all currently running coroutine to their next phase. More...