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Sisus.Init.EditorCoroutineRunner Class Reference


Class that can be used for starting and stopping coroutines in the editor even in edit mode.

The class implements ICoroutineRunner and it can be used to substitute other ICoroutineRunners such as Wrappers in unit tests.

Inheritance diagram for Sisus.Init.EditorCoroutineRunner:

Public Member Functions

Coroutine StartCoroutine ([NotNull] IEnumerator coroutine)
 Starts the provided coroutine . More...
void StopCoroutine ([NotNull] Coroutine coroutine)
 Stops the provided coroutine .
void StopCoroutine ([NotNull] IEnumerator coroutine)
 Stops the provided coroutine .
void StopAllCoroutines ()
 Stops all coroutines that have been started using StartCoroutine that are currently running. More...

Static Public Attributes

static readonly EditorCoroutineRunner sharedInstance = new EditorCoroutineRunner()
 A single cached instance of EditorCoroutineRunner that can be shared across multiple client objects. More...