15. Service Debugger Window

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Opening The Service Debugger Window

You can open the Service Debugger Window using the main menu item Window > Analysis > Service Debugger.

Using The Service Debugger Window

The window lists all currently active services, which have been registered via ServiceAttributes, Service Tags and Services Components.

The first name shown in the list is the concrete type of the service object.

If the defining type of the service (the type which clients can use to retrieve the service) is not the same as the concrete type of the service, then that is listed after the concrete type inside parentheses.

On the right side you will see the availability of the service to potential clients. All services registered using the ServiceAttribute are available to clients ‘Everywhere’, while some services registered using Service Tags and Services Components can have more limited accessibility.

You can click the name of a service in the list, to locate the service in the Scene or Project hierarchy.

You can also click the client accessibility element to locate all clients of the service, currently located in the open scenes.

You can also right-click the name or the accessibility element to open a context menu with additional options.

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