Collection Drawer

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Power Inspector contains a custom-built drawer for collections that introduces multiple enhancements over the way they used to work in the default inspector.

Drag & Drop Member Reordering


You can reorder members inside a collection by simply dragging them around.

Dragging can be initiated by pressing the left mouse button down over the prefix label of a member, or the drag bar control found next to the prefix label.

Cross-Collection Drag & Drop

It is also possible to drag members from one collection to another.

This even works between many collections of different types, as long as the member type is the same. So you could for example drag a value from an array to a list, and then to a HashSet.

Member Count Display

The number of elements contained inside a collection is displayed on the header of the collection. This can be seen even when the collection is folded.

Multi-Selection Support

Selecting multiple elements of a collection at the same time is supported.
To select more than one element of a collection hold down the control key and click the elements you want selected.
When you have more than one element of a collection selected you can target all of them simultaneously with various commands such as delete and reset.

Supported Collection Types

The following collection types are handled by the CollectionDrawer and can be displayed in Power Inspector with all the enhancements listed above:

  • Array ( T[] )
  • 2D Array ( T[,] )
  • 3D Array ( T[,,] )
  • Jagged Array ( T[][], T[][][] etc… )
  • List<T>
  • IList<T>
  • IList
  • Dictionary<T,K>
  • IDictionary
  • HashSet<T>