Unity Object Drawer

  05. Enhanced Drawers No Comments

The drawer for Unity Objects (Components and assets) offer a couple of enhancements over the Component Editor in the default inspector.


Unity Object drawers can be selected in Power Inspector by clicking the header or using keyboard shortcuts.
When a Unity Object drawer is selected, a clear visual indicator is shown in the form of a blue line at the left edge of the inspector view.
While being selectable might seem like a relatively useless feature, it unlocks a new ability: to target the Unity Object with commands using keyboard shortcuts.

Copy-Paste Support

Just like all class members in Power Inspector, Unity Object values also be copied and pasted.
Copy-pasting asset import settings is also supported, so you can for example make sure that all the textures inside one folder have the same settings with just a few of clicks!

New Context Menu Items

Unity Objects have an extended context menu, containing some new useful commands you can execute, such as:

    • Select Previous Of Type – Selects previous Component of same type.
    • Select Next Of Type – Selects next Component of same type.
    • Auto-Name – Names the GameObject based on the Component.
    • Debug Mode+ – Toggle Debug Mode+ on or off.

Extended Context Menu Items

In addition to the items in the normal context menu, there are some additional menu items only found in the extended context menu.

  • Inspect Static Members – Shows you the static class members of the Component’s class.
  • Hide Flags – Allows you to view and edit the hide flags of the Unity Object.
  • Randomize – Randomizes all values of the Component.