18. Dynamic Prefix Column

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Power Inspector completely changes how the prefix label column width is determined. It is no longer just a simple percentage portion of the total width of the inspector view, like in the default inspector, but is individually adjustable.

Automatic Width Optimization

By default, whenever the contents of an Inspector View in Power Inspector are changed, the prefix width is automatically optimized to be just wide enough, so as to fully display the prefix labels of all drawers, while maximizing the remaining space available for the right-side controls column.

This way you will always be able to see all prefix labels without any clipping, even as you unfold new controls inside a Component.

Tip: Automatic width optimization can be disabled in Preferences, if you prefer always controlling your prefix column widths manually.

Manual Width Adjustment

It is also possible to manually adjust the prefix column width by dragging the divider line between the columns.

If you double-click the divider line, the prefix column width is automatically adjusted to optimal size.

Manual Width Adjustment In Custom Editors

With drawers of Custom Editors manual prefix width adjusting works the same, except instead of dragging a divider line, you drag the division point marker located at the top of the drawer.