08. Keyboard Navigation

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Keyboard navigation within the Power Inspector window has been improved in various ways compared to the default inspector.

Arrow Key Navigation

The arrow keys on your keyboard now move focus in a more intuitive manner, in the matching direction.
For example, the up arrow moves focus to the drawer that is located above the drawer that currently had focus.

Select Previous / Next Component

It is now possible to jump to the previous or next component on the target GameObject using the following keyboard shortcuts.

Ctrl + Up Arrow: select previous Component.

Ctrl + Down Arrow: select next Component.

Select Previous / Next Of Type

It is also possible to jump to the previous or next Unity Object that is of the same type as the target. How the next target is fetched depends on the context:

  1. If the target is a scene object, the next target is fetched from the hierarchy of loaded scenes.
  2. If the target is an asset, the next target is fetched from among the assets in the project.

There are two different ways to select the next target of type:

1. Right-click the header of Unity Object drawer and choose “Select Next of Type”.

2. Keyboard shortcut: Ctrl + Right Arrow (Cmd + Right Arrow on macOS)

(Limited) Multi-Selection Support

Selecting multiple members of collection drawers (such as those used for Arrays and Lists) is now possible.
When multiple drawers are selected, actions targeting selected drawers – such as ones initiated via the context menu, or using keyboard shortcuts – are applied for all of them.
Actions that support multi-selection targeting include:

Improved Focused Field Indicators

With Power Inspector the objective has been to make it as clear as possible to see at a glance which control is currently focused. In the Default Inspector sometimes there is no indicator at all when certain parts of a Component have focus.
Power Inspector tries to fix all of these issues to make for a more seamless experience when navigating the Inspector using the keyboard.