06. Multi-Editing Modes

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Merged Multi-Editing Mode

By default, when you have Power Inspector display the data of multiple targets within the same inspector view that data is merged together.

This method of displaying the data of multiple targets is called the merged multi-editing mode. This is the only way that the default inspector can display the data for multiple inspected targets.

In this mode only components that all targets have are displayed, and when you change the value of a displayed field, it is changed on all targets simultaneously.

Stacked Multi-Editing Mode

In Power Inspector it is also possible to display the data of multiple inspected targets in a different way: in the stacked multi-editing mode.

In this mode the data for all targets is displayed separately. All components will be listed, even if all the targets don’t have it, and when you change a value in one target, it does not affect the other targets.

Changing The Multi-Editing Mode

To change the active multi-editing mode, select two or more targets using the Hierarchy or Project view, and then click the multi-editing mode toggle button that appears on the inspector toolbar.

You can also change the active multi-editing mode by opening the view menu from the inspector toolbar and selected Multi-Editing > Merged or Multi-Editing > Stacked.