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Toolbar in Unity Inspector

The first thing you will probably notice being different in the Power Inspector when compared to the default inspector, is that there’s a brand new toolbar sitting right above the viewport.
This toolbar offers you quick and convenient access to some of the most powerful features that Power Inspector offers that can greatly enhance your workflow.

List of Toolbar Controls

1. Back and Forward Buttons

New navigation buttons allow you to easily jump between previously inspected targets.
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2. View Menu

Open a context menu that gives convenient access to options related to what and how data is shown in the Power Inspector view.
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3. Search Box

Quickly find drawers inside the inspector view by name, type or value.
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4. Lock Mode Button

Button that allows toggling lock mode on and off.
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5. Multi-Editing Mode Toggle Button

Button that allows switching between merged and stacked multi-editing modes.
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6. Split View

Split the inspector into two parts, and have the data of two different targets be displayed simultaneously.
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