Auto-Resize Prefix Labels Interval

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Determines how often the width of the prefix column should be automatically optimized.
A prefix column width is considered to be optimized when the prefix labels of all drawers inside the inspector view are fully readable with no clipping occurring, whilst all the controls in the control column have the maximum amount of space available to them.


Prefix column widths will never be optimized automatically.

This is similar to how the default inspector works.

On Selection Changed

Prefix column widths are optimized automatically, but only when the Component drawers first appear inside the inspector view. After that the prefix widths will remain stable even if the contents of the Component drawers change.

On Layout Changed (Default)

Prefix column widths are optimized automatically every time the contents of Component drawers change. An example of any event that might cause the prefix column optimization to take place is when a parent drawer is unfolded, causing new member drawers to become visible.

Note: You can always manually optimize the prefix column width by double-clicking the prefix column resize control, regardless of this option.