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Sisus.Init.Service< TDefiningClassOrInterface > Class Template Reference


Class that can provide a shared instance of any class that has the ServiceAttribute on demand.

Template Parameters
TDefiningClassOrInterfaceThe defining type of the service class, which is the type specified in its ServiceAttribute, or - if no other type has been explicitly specified - the exact type of the service class.

This type must be an interface that the service implements, a base type that the service derives from, or the exact type of the service.

Static Public Member Functions

static void SetInstance (TDefiningClassOrInterface newInstance)
 Sets the TDefiningClassOrInterface service instance shared across clients to the given value. More...

Static Public Attributes

static TDefiningClassOrInterface Instance = default
 The shared instance of TDefiningClassOrInterface service. More...


static ServiceChangedHandler< TDefiningClassOrInterface > InstanceChanged
 Event that is invoked when the shared instance of service of type TDefiningClassOrInterface has been changed to another one. More...