Compatibility With Peek

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Power Inspector and Peek combine together very well without any known issues.

For example, all selection changes made through Peek’s interfaces will be reflected in Power Inspector just like you would expect.

All Object reference fields inside Power Inspector will automatically start using Peek’s Reference Inspector.

The Editors that popup from the GameObject Toolbar in Peek currently won’t offer most of the enhancements found in Power Inspector, but there are nevertheless still multiple ways that you can tap into Power Inspector’s feature set from Peek’s interface detailed below.

Power Inspector In Peek’s Tabs Toolbar

If you have a Power Inspector window open it will automatically appear in the Tabs toolbar in Peek for quick launching with a single click or using Peek’s shortcuts.

When you open Power Inspector from the Tabs toolbar, the data for the selected target is immediately displayed on it.

All of Power Inspector’s keyboard shortcuts will also work as soon as the window pops open, no need to click on it or anything like that.

All features of Power Inspector including the search box and split view work as normal when launched through Peek.

Opening Power Inspector From Peek’s Popups

You can also easily transition from Peek’s popups to Power Inspector, whenever you want.

When you right-click any Component or asset shown in the popup, you will see two relevant items in the context menu that opens:

View In Power Inspector: This shows the target in the main view of Power Inspector.

Peek In Power Inspector: This shows the target in the split view of Power Inspector.

If you have a Power Inspector window open in Peek’s Tab bar, and that is the last Power Inspector window you interacted with, then these commands will target that popup window.
Otherwise these commands will try to find another Power Inspector window to target. If no Power Inspector window is currently open, a new one will be opened.

Power Inspector Enhancements Inside Peek Popups

By default Power Inspector tries to keep most of its changes confined inside the Power Inspector window, and leave the default inspector as it is.

If however you are using Peek and would like to see some of Power Inspector’s enhancements appear inside Peek’s popups, you can customize this behavior from the preferences:

  1.  Select the menu item Edit > Preferences.
  2. Select the Power Inspector view and click Edit Preferences.
  3. Under Compatibility unfold the category Default Inspector.

Here you will see listed all the enhancements that are currently possible to be enabled in the Editors found outside of the Power Inspector window.
You can enable more items to have more enhancements appear inside Peek’s popups.