GameObject Drawer

  05. Enhanced Drawers No Comments

The drawer for GameObjects offers a couple of enhancements over the GameObject Editor in the default inspector.


Unlike how it works in the default inspector, the GameObject drawer can now be selected. You can do this simply by clicking the header of the GameObject drawer, or using the keyboard.

This is useful, because it unlocks the ability to target the GameObject with various commands executed using keyboard shortcuts.

Copy-Paste Support

Just like all components and class members in Power Inspector, GameObject values also be copied and pasted.

Reset Support

GameObjects can now also be reset, just like Components.

Values affected by reset include the active state, tag and layer. It does not affect the name, however, as there’s really no sensible default state to revert to in its case.

Ping With Middle Mouse Button

You can now press the middle mouse button down while mouseovering the header of the GameObject drawer to ping the target GameObject.

Context Menu

GameObjects now also have a context menu, containing various useful commands you can execute, such as:

  • Ping – Pings the GameObject targets in the hierarchy or project view.
  • Deselect – Removes the GameObject targets from the current selection. This can be most useful when in stacked multi-editing mode.
  • Select – Selects the GameObject targets.
  • Auto-Name – Names the GameObject based on the Components that it has.
  • Hierarchy Group – Turns the GameObject into a Hierarchy Group or reverts it back into a normal GameObject from a Hierarchy Group. Hierarchy Groups are special GameObjects intended to be used only as empty containers when organizing other GameObjects in the scene hierarchy.
  • Reset – Resets the state of the GameObject.
  • Collapse All – Folds all Components of GameObject inside the inspector view.
  • Expand All – Unfolds all Components of the GameObject in the inspector view.

Extended Context Menu Items

In addition to the items in the normal context menu, there are some additional menu items only found in the extended context menu.

  • Inspect Static Members – Shows you the static class members of the GameObject class.
  • Hide Flags – Allows you to view and edit the hide flags of the GameObject.