02. Who Is Power Inspector for?

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The inspector is one of the most basic tools used by everyone who works with Unity. So, whether you’re a beginner Unity developer or a veteran power-user, a designer or a programmer, Power Inspector has a lot to offer you.

For Artists

If you’re an artist, the back and forward buttons are an essential tool that help you move effortlessly between art assets, and the ability to copy-paste things like texture or audio settings will reduce the need to do repetitive tasks considerably.

For Designers

If you’re a designer, the search box¬†will help you find the fields that need tweaking with precision, and the clipboard-backed copy-paste gives you the convenient ability to backup any values you like to a text editor, where you can also jot down some quick notes to accompany them!
Small UX enhancements like the ability to filter the contents of popups and the ability move fields focus intuitively with the keyboard can also boost your productivity by a surprising degree.

For Programmers

If you’re a programmer, you will find features like the create script wizard, and the new script editor to be essential tools.
Debug Mode+ grants you the ability to reveal all hidden data, which can be a major benefit in discovering invalid data during bug-hunting.
The ability to invoke any methods during play-testing, without having to add attributes and recompile scripts, can sometimes be a real life-saver.