25. Categorized Components Mode

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By default when you inspect a GameObject in Power Inspector, all its visible components are shown in a flat list in the inspector view.

While this can work perfectly well in many situations, in some projects GameObjects might contain so many components that the view becomes cluttered and difficult to work with.

To solve this issue, Power Inspector also has the ability to list components grouped under collapsible and user-definable categories. This feature is called the categorized components mode.

Enabling Categorized Components

To enable categorized component mode in Power Inspector, open the view menu from the Power Inspector toolbar and select the item Categorized Components > On.

Defining Component Categories

By default component categories are automatically generated from the categories of components in the add component menu.
If you do not want this to happen, you can turn the feature off in the preferences view

You can also define the categories separately from the add component menu paths using the item Categorized Components: Component Categories in the preferences view.
Categories defined here take precedence over categories generated from the add component menu paths when both methods are used.

Categorized Components Toolbar

Each component category shown in the inspector view contains a toolbar that has icons representing the components on the GameObject belonging under the category in question.

You can change the unfolded state of component by clicking their icons on the toolbar.
If the component category itself is collapsed when you click one of the component icons, it will also be unfolded automatically.

If you right-click a component icon found on the toolbar, it will cause the context menu for the component that the icon represents to open.