12. Context Menu Items

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In Power Inspector you can gain access to several features not found in the default inspector, such as Copy and Paste, and Reset, through context menus.
Context menus can be opened for pretty much all drawers, whether they represent class members, components or GameObjects.

Opening The Context Menu

To open the context menu for a drawer, right-click its prefix label, or press the menu key on your keyboard with the drawer selected.

Opening The Expanded Context Menu

If you hold down the Ctrl key (Cmd on macOS) while opening the context menu, an expanded context menu, which might contain some additional entries, will be opened.
Some more rarely used, but still useful features can only be found in the expanded context menu, so that users can find the items they use most often more easily in the less cluttered normal context menu.


Context Menu Items Listings

You can find more detailed listings of new context menu items on the documentation pages of specific drawers: