Use Editors Over Drawers

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Power Inspector by default uses a custom system of drawers for drawing the contents of the inspector view, instead of relying on the Editors used in the default inspector.

Some other plug-ins however can rely on the usage of Editors for some of their functionality. As such, compatibility with these plug-ins can be improved by using Editors instead of Power Inspector’s drawers. This setting enables you to do just that.

Only If Has Custom Editor

Always use Power Inspector’s drawers for drawing class members, except if targets have Custom Editors, then use the those instead.

This gives you the greatest access to features of Power Inspector, at the cost of reduced compatibility with other plug-ins that might rely on Editors being used.

Based On Plug-in Preferences (Default)

Use Editors to handle drawing of class members when targets have Custom Editors, or when plug-ins “want” to use their own Editor type for the target.

When using this setting, Power Inspector not only tries to take into consideration whether or not plug-ins sometimes requiring the use Editors have been installed, but also whether or not the usage of Editors is needed for a specific target type, based on aspects such as the current preferences of other plug-ins.

Based On Plug-ins

Always use Editors for drawing class members, if plug-ins that sometimes require the usage of Editors are detected to be installed,
otherwise always use Power Inspector’s drawers.

This might be a good option for you if would prefer a consistent inspector experience with Editors always being used, over one where you gain and lose features based on the current context.


Always use Editors for all targets, never Power Inspector’s drawers.

You will lose access to some features of Power Inspector, but compatibility with other plug-ins will be maximized.

This might be a good option if you have plug-ins or scripts that rely on Editors being used for drawing class members, but they are not detected by Power Inspector automatically when using the other available settings.