Auto-Resize Prefix Labels

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Determines whether or not the width of the prefix column should be automatically optimized, and if so, whether or not it should it be done separately for all Component drawers, or in unison for all Component drawers of a GameObject drawer.


Prefix column widths will not be optimized automatically.

This is similar to how the default inspector works.

All Separately (Default)

Prefix column widths will be optimized automatically and for every Component drawer separately.

All Together

Prefix column widths will be optimized automatically, but in such a way that every Component drawer of the same GameObject drawer will get the same width.
This means that the largest optimal width value across all Component drawers will be used for all Component drawers.
The main benefit of this method over optimizing all Component drawers separately, is that some might consider it to look “prettier”.

Note: You can always manually optimize the prefix column width by double-clicking the prefix column resizer control, regardless of this option.